Bump, Baby & Beyond
Fitness Classes

Fitness classes for mums at all stages of their journey

Work It Mama offers fitness classes for all stages of motherhood: from pregnancy, to classes for Mum and an older child.

Serving Hull, Beverley and Brough.

Pregnant Lady ready for exercise with Work It Mama


Fitness classes for Mamas to be.

Naomi from Work It Mama exercising with a baby in a sling

Baby Wearing

Mama and baby sling workouts

Naomi with child at Mummy&Me exercise class by Workitmama

Mummy & Me

For Mamas and toddlers 

& Beyond

Classes just for Mamas 

Benefits of Work it Mama


Maintaining fitness at any stage of motherhood is so important. It is proven to help with so many different issues.

Mental Health

Motherhood can be hugely daunting and overwhelming at times, but exercise is fantastic at boosting your mental health.


Our program is carefully designed around you and your baby. There is no mummy guilt, just a fantastic time for you to bond.


Get out and meet other Mamas! Share stories, have a laugh and get fit at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are very affordable. If you are experiencing issues please contact me and I can sort something out for you in regards to payment.

Bump, Baby Wearing and Beyond are all £6, for a 45 min class. Mummy&Me is £5.50 for a 30 min class.

Classes can be booked here. Any questions please contact me.

No! But it’s best to wait until after your first scan just to ensure everything is ok with baby. After this you can start classes.


Bumps Class – You can start after your first scan, or join at any stage in your pregnancy dependant on how you are feeling.

Baby Wearing – You can start after your 8 week midwife check: for a natural birth 8 weeks is normally fine for c-section, it is best to wait until 12 weeks.

& Beyond – Once you are over 12 months post partum you can join this class. You’re more than welcome to carry on in the baby wearing class, but if you want something just for you this is where to come. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 year post birth or 10+, you’re welcome to join.

Mummy & Me –Toddler and pre school from confidently walking +

No, not necessarily. It is best suited to pre walkers, but if your baby is used to being in the sling and happy to stay in it for an hour they are more than welcome.


If baby needs to go, baby needs to go! You’re more than welcome to stop at any point and change or feed in the class. If you need help getting your sling back on afterwards then I’m here to help.


No not at all, we can adapt any of the classes to you and you can take it at your pace. 


Anything that you are comfortable in.

You – 1 layer on your top, as you’re likely to get warm. 

Baby – We recommend taking baby down to a vest, as they will get heat from you and being in the carrier. 

Either a stretchy sling or buckle/half buckle carriers are best. We recommend ergonomic carriers to support baby better and makes it a lot more comfortable for you, although we do suggest carriers, such as: the Close Caboo, Tula, Connecta, Boba, Beco, Ergo Baby etc. I am on hand to help with selecting the right carrier if you need it. Sling services.

You will find it more comfortable for you and baby with them facing you (tummy to tummy). If they are unhappy this way, and your carrier allows for it, then you can have them world facing.

If they fall asleep they will need to be turned around for safety reasons.

Older children are welcome to go on your back.

No equipment needed unless already stated. remember your water.

Bump & Beyond classes you can bring a exercise / yoga mat if you wish.

Baby wearing – Bring a blanket or mat for baby to lay on if you wish (the only time they are out the sling during the class is when we are sitting on the floor at the very end).

Before coming to any of our classes you must have filled in a health form online and ensure there is availability on the day you are requesting.  You are not booked into a class until you have had confirmation.

Naomi Hobbs Work It Mama